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02516 - 35X12.50R15 - Baja T/A® - BFGoodrich® Tires

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Baja T/A


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Item Details
Item Number: 02516
Size: 35X12.50R15
Sidewall: BW
Load Index: 113
Speed Rating: T
Ply: 6
Service Description: 113T

MTW Tire is proud to offer BFGoodrich® brand tires to TRI-STATE AREA KY, OH, WV, Russell, KY. We are confident that the Baja T/A tire will be a great fit for your vehicle. We offer tires in size 35X12.50R15 and many other sizes, so please contact us for more information! Ask for item number 02516 if you would like the item on this page.

Features and Benefits of Item #02516

The only professional-grade ultra-high-performance tire offered to the public. Dominates SCORE off-road racing; amazing winning consistency in the Baja 1000. Extremely aggressive tread pattern, TriGard Plus construction for serious durability.

Street-legal off-road racing champion tire
Extremely aggressive tread pattern
TriGard Plus construction for serious durability

Technical Specifications of Item #02516

Excellent off-road soft surface traction; more tread element edges, great side bite and lateral traction in off-road situations
Superb tread area puncture/bruise resistance; confident high-speed performance and handling
Strong lower sidewall; precise steering response and predictable cornering
Exceptional strength, bruise resistance and structural integrity; great strength and puncture resistance in the sidewall
Excellent cutting and chunking resistance; high durability
Distinctive appearance with black-outline serrated letters and unique Baja T/A insignia

Aggressive, self-cleaning tread design with special tread element edge scoops and shoulder scallops
Two strong steel belts with two full-width nylon cap plies
Durable bead construction
TriGard� Plus Construction�three full nylon carcass plies plus an additional nylon sidewall ply
Dual-compound tread
Black sidewall styling

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